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kcusage command produces no output

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kcusage command produces no output

On Integrity VM running HPVM 4.30 HP-UX 11.31 ia64, the 'kcusage' command

produces no output


# kcusage



requires ^C to kill it. kcalarm -m status shows "Monitoring is on."

kcmond is observed running periodically.

What would cause kcusage to display nothing?




Re: kcusage command hangs

>What would cause kcusage to hang?


You might try running tusc to see what syscall is hanging.

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Re: kcusage command produces no output



Some starting points...


a) What are the permissions of files in /var/adm/kcmond direcrtory (including the directory itself)?


kcusage(1M) displays data recorded in the following files:







Also, check the datestamps on the files.


b) Verify that kcmond(1M) daemon is not hung.







VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic
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Re: kcusage command produces no output

Thank you for the suggestions. Checking the permissions on the /var/adm/kcmond files show that they

are correct and match those on other systems where the kcusage command responds almost immediately.

Actually on further investigation, the kcusage command does complete and produce output - it just takes

over a minute (~1:10-1:15) to do it.

The system in question is an HPVM guest system on an HP rx7640 platform running HP-UX 11.31 updated via the September 2011 HP-UX distribution with an HPVM Integrity version 4.30 environment.

The system's workload is Oracle 11g with 18-21 active databases and Oracle Grid sofftware that generate 990-1015 processes plus processes created by the Oracle Grid agent software. It looks like the kcmond (and the kcusage) process takes a very long time to scan the process workload with the pstat system-call.

Investigation of the specifics of the system workload is on going.