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Re: kickstart issue on BL660 G8

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kickstart issue on BL660 G8

Recently ran into a RHEL5 64-bit install issue on a BL660 G8. As part of our kickstart config we have always used the nousb and nousbstorage options. For some reason those options are stopping the kickstart process very early on. We see "Loading SCSI driver" where it loads the shpchp driver and then stops. If I remove the nousb and nousbstorage the build behaves as it should while loading a few more drivers that are not normally loaded.


Does anyone have an idea on why these options would cause the kickstart process to hang. They work fine on other G8 hardware (BL460,DL380)


Does anyone have any better methods to debug these issues. I found them by just using a repetitive process of elimination to find which options triggered the issue.

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Re: kickstart issue on BL660 G8



Please check the quick specs to see the supported OS version on the server:




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Re: kickstart issue on BL660 G8

I know there is no 32-bit support but 64-bit is supported under RHEL5...