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kill -3 httpd

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kill -3 httpd

How can I make a Dump of a process httpd
I have intentaddo with a kill -3 but i am not dumps nothing

Re: kill -3 httpd

>How can I make a dump of a process httpd? but kill -3 dumps nothing

Assuming -3 is -QUIT, you should get a dump unless the process has a signal handler for it.

Any reason you need a dump? You could try attaching to it and having gdb create the dump.
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: kill -3 httpd

Hi Carlos:

Another possibility, to explain the lack of a corefile, is that the 'ulimit' for core dumps associated with the process or user is zero.


Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: kill -3 httpd

> dumps nothing

Are you sure? The http process probably has a completely different working directory. The core file probably won't be in your current directory. It completely depends on how httpd was started (hint: /sbin/init.d/apache start). Or you can simply look everywhere for the core file:

find / -type f -name core -exec ls -l {} \;

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: kill -3 httpd

I want to make a dump to be analyzed by support
I have a problem with the apache server. this gradually cunsume 100% CPU
coredump(blocks) 4194303
I have done a search (find core)and i have not found nothing

Re: kill -3 httpd

>I have done a search (find core) and I have not found nothing

Are you on 11.31 with coreadm(1m)?

You could attach with gdb and use the gcore command.
Honored Contributor

Re: kill -3 httpd

Please see Apache documentation:


This controls the directory to which Apache attempts to switch before dumping core. The default is in the ServerRoot directory, however since this should not be writable by the user the server runs as, core dumps won't normally get written. If you want a core dump for debugging, you can use this directive to place it in a different location.
-----end quote-----

So if you want core dumps from Apache, you definitely should make sure the CoreDumpDirectory is set in the Apache configuration and points to a directory that is writable by Apache.