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kmpath command showing vmunix instead /stand/vmunix


kmpath command showing vmunix instead /stand/vmunix

Hello Experts,

I am working on HP-UX 11.00 and have an application issue to load. when i am running kmpath command it's showing kernel vmunix and on other machine i can see kmpath command returns with /stand/vmunix.
It's urgent for me.
could someone help me please?
Respected Contributor

Re: kmpath command showing vmunix instead /stand/vmunix

The kmpath command is obsolete and superseded by the kcpath(1M) command. Users are encouraged to migrate to kcpath(1M). The kmpath command will be removed in a future release of HP-UX. The behavior of some of kmpath's options have changed and they are noted in the appropriate sections below.

kmpath retrieves the main kernel file name and path information of the currently running kernel. kmpath also retrieves the configuration directory of the current or specified kernel.

Each kernel configuration consists of a kernel executable and a number of other files including dynamically loadable kernel modules. These files are all stored in a directory which represents the kernel configuration.

Check below link as follows,


Re: kmpath command showing vmunix instead /stand/vmunix

>Taifur: The kmpath command is obsolete

(You're reading the 11.23 man pages.) I doubt that kmpath(1m) was obsolete on 11.00. Which is also obsolete and not supported.