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kmupdate - restoring old kernel

Occasional Advisor

kmupdate - restoring old kernel

due to the change of system parameters I have do it under sam postponing the reboot. Then have run the kmupdate and rebooted the machine (vpar / HP-UX 11.11).
The new kernel fail (do not boot) and I have load the vmunix.prev. To restore completely the old environment are there other files to move/copy ? Thanks Gabriele
singh sanjeev
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Re: kmupdate - restoring old kernel

i think no need to any further action , as everything is back to old , as you rebooted from backup vmunix.prev.

>>setting back to as it was before...
Sanjeev Singh
Honored Contributor

Re: kmupdate - restoring old kernel

==> Boot from the backup kernel from isl

Thats it.

Before making any critical changes.

==> take the ignite backup
==> reboot and check, its booting fine.
( so that isolate the issue, if not booting)

"UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity" - Dennis Ritchie
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Re: kmupdate - restoring old kernel

I have followed these steps:

cp vmunix.prev vmunix

cp system.prev system

cp -R dlkm.vmunix.prev dlkm

Then a system reboot, all seems ok.

Regards Gabriele