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kn8ae_harderr_intr in kern.log ?

Tony Leahy
Occasional Advisor

kn8ae_harderr_intr in kern.log ?

has anyone seen this message before - it was in
my kern.log from the weekend (tru64 v4.0f) on an alphaserver

vmunix: kn8ae_harderr_intr: TMEM LBER inconsistent data syndrome bits

IT doesn't seem to be in any other logs?


Han Pilmeyer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: kn8ae_harderr_intr in kern.log ?

This happens in the hardware error interrupt handler of the EV6 based TLaser system (GS60/GS140). There are unexpected data syndrome bits set in one of the registers while handling a TIOP ECC error.

Setting the kernel variable "errorlogprintout" may reveal a bit more, but it still might not mean a lot unless you understand the intimate details of this system.

In short "it's something in the hardware".