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lock a user

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lock a user

how can i lock a user when he type a wrong password 3 times include root ?
and i do not want a trusted system
melvyn burnard
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Re: lock a user

which version of HP-UX are you using?
There is the Standard Mode Security Extensions (SMSE) that are in 11iv3, allowing you to set things like that WITHOUT going to trusted system
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Re: lock a user


Check out the following links

And why you want to include root also??Remember if your root password locks you need to reboot the system.


Mel Burslan
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Re: lock a user

If you are willing to do a little leg work (or more appropriately finger work) you can write a script and call it from /etc/profile upon each user's login. In the script, you check the last 3 entries related to this user from the output of lastb command and compare the timestamp to the same from the last command's output. Decide if the last 3 entries were wrong password or not. if they all were wrong, issue the command

passwd -l

(to compare time stamps, I'd strongly suggest making use of script written by no other than Clay Stephenson of this very same forum. Just google the script name and you will find several sites to download it from)
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