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login on hp-ux is very delayed

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login on hp-ux is very delayed

Hello Expert,


I have a rx2660 server with hp-ux 11.23 OS on it.

From past few days I am facing issues in logging on the server.

When i tried to login either using ftp or ssh the login prompts come very late. It takes almost 1-2minutes to come to login prompt. Once I enter the password it will login at that moment, after entering the password there is no delay.


Even I am not able to do ftp from cmd, from filezilla I can do ftp but only after increasing the timeout period for filezilla.With default tiem it shows me got connected to server and then comes timeout.


I tried trimming the wtmps wtmp btmp btmps but no result.


Any help how to fix this issue.


Thanks for any support in advance.

Steven Schweda
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Re: login on hp-ux is very delayed

Bill Hassell
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Re: login on hp-ux is very delayed

You may be using DNS for hostname-to-IPaddress resolution and the address(es) in the /etc/resolv.conf file are incorrect or not allowing your queries to be answered.


Start with /etc/nsswitch.conf and change the "hosts:" line to these 2 lines:


hosts: files [NOTFOUND=continue UNAVAIL=continue] dns
ipnodes: files [NOTFOUND=continue UNAVAIL=continue] dns

 Then make sure the IP address of your local system (PC, etc) is in the /etc/hosts file of the target server. Login should now be very fast. This will indicate that the DNS servers are not working.


Now test the DNS servers listed in /etc/resolv.conf:


nslookup your-local-IPaddress
nsquery hosts your-local-IPaddres

 It should return immediately. If not, one (or more) of the DNS server(s) listed in /etc/resolv.conf is not working. You'll need to contact your DNS administrator to fix the problem.


As an additional note, you can test each DNS server by adding the IP address for the server to the nslookup command like this:


nslookup   your-local-IPaddress   DNSserver-IPaddress




Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Steven Schweda
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Re: login on hp-ux is very delayed

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Re: login on hp-ux is very delayed

It depends on network area where the server was hosting ,i.e for connecting it via different firewall.

or recenty any changes made in your network side?

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