Re: loop in system reboot

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: loop in system reboot

Shalom Cedirick,

HP has not fully resolved the hardware problem.

You may need a new system board based on the number of failures going on. Hardware needs to come out again, do full diagnosis and replace the part that is broken.

Steven E Protter
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Laurent Menase
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Re: loop in system reboot

Hi Cedrick,

Clearly the symptoms you describe are hardware.

Hardware support should do a full diagnostic of the system.

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Re: loop in system reboot

according to your prior response you had mentioned that the server has already been replaced.
and the error messages from the GSP are during the POST and indicate power issues.

if the system was replaced by HP and worked for 5 days until it failed, I would suggest to check your power outlets/UPS.

Since it is for sure a hardware problem I would start again with that.

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