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lpfcdfc in Uninterruptable sleep state

Mick Ryan

lpfcdfc in Uninterruptable sleep state


We have a number of BL460c blades in an enclosure connected to an Hitachi san. All blades are loading the following modules for SAN connectivity
The software installed for this is

Everything seems fine and we're not experiencing any problems, and the messages file all look clean. However, I notice that every server has the following process in an Uninterruptable Sleep state
root 3775 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? D< Oct14 0:00 [lpfcdfc_event_p]

Is anyone else out there running this module and seeing a similar behaviour?

The reason for asking about this, is that the System Load on the blades never goes below 1.0 even when they're idle. Other posts have suggested that this can happen because of a process in this state

Thanks in advance