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ls command hangs

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Frequent Advisor

ls command hangs

I am trying to list a subdirectory in a local file system of a server but the server hangs there.I am able to ls other sub directory in the same filesystem.Please help me find what could be the issue
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: ls command hangs

> [...] a server [...]

Not a very detailed description of anything.

uname -a

> Please help me find what could be the issue

Issue? Is that anything like a _problem_?

Please supply some useful information. As
usual, showing actual commands with their
actual output can be more helpful than vague
descriptions or interpretations.

> [...] list a subdirectory in a local file
> system [...]

List how, exactly? "ls"? (Details?) How do
you know that it's local?

ls [...]

> I am able [...]

Show me.
Frequent Advisor

Re: ls command hangs

It is a HPUX 11.11 server.
host # bdf -l|grep /usr/sap/P21
/dev/data01/lvol1 2064384 490330 1475738 25% /usr/sap/P21
host # cd /usr/sap/P21
host # ls
DVEBMGS66 SYS lost+found stage
host # uname -a
HP-UX zeus B.11.11 U 9000/800 490507893 unlimited-user license

when I try ls or cd against the SYS or DVEBM* the session hangs.I am able to ls or cd in to lost+found and stage though there are no files are there.Hope this clears

Re: ls command hangs

>when I try ls or cd against the SYS or DVEBM* the session hangs

If this hangs you probably have filesystem corruption. You should unmount the filesystem and run fsck(1m) on it.
Ismail Azad
Esteemed Contributor

Re: ls command hangs

Hi mkr,

What you are experiencing is one of the typical "symptoms" of filesystem corruption as mentioned by Mr.Dennis already. At times you can see "garbage"... sometimes it could be missing data or an error associated with the script /sbin/bcheckrc.... All of which are termed as "symptoms". At filesystem level, pretty much the unanimous and efficient command called as fsck serves the purpose and the level at which the check can be done can also be mentioned with the help of this command.

Ismail Azad
Read, read and read... Then read again until you read "between the lines".....