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ls -l takes long.

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ls -l takes long.

we look to have some NFS issues i guess, ls -l on a small directory takes a long time. RHEL5 env. Please suggest some where to start, Thanks so much

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Larry Klasmier
Honored Contributor

Re: ls -l takes long.

how long does it take ls -l to return for the same directory on the NFS server. If the timing is similar you problem is with the NFS server. If not start looking at you network and/or mount options for the nfs mount.
dirk dierickx
Honored Contributor

Re: ls -l takes long.

has it always been like this or has this problem suddenly occured?

check if your network port settings are correct (100Mb or 1Gb full) on client, server and switch.

is file transfer still fast? try to copy a large file over nfs, check the speed. this will tell you if only 'ls' is slow or all nfs traffic.

try transfering a large file between nfs client and server using another protocol (ftp, scp, whatever). is the transfer speed comparable to the nfs speed? then you know it the problem is related to nfs or network in general.
Wilfred Chau_1
Respected Contributor

Re: ls -l takes long.

is there any dns problem?

have you tried remount the nfs and still encounter the slowness?