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lvextend on mirrored VG00

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lvextend on mirrored VG00

One of the lvol on vg00 got full. I tried to extend the logical volume using lvextend. but it given below error.
lvextend: Not enough free physical extents available.
Logical volume "/dev/vg00/lvol10" could not be extended.
Failure possibly caused by contiguous allocation policy.
Failure possibly caused by strict allocation policy´

but it was a urgent case, so
extend the volume using below commands
#lvchange -C n /dev/vg00/rlvol10

Is this a correct procedure ?

please suggest on this...
Hakki Aydin Ucar
Honored Contributor

Re: lvextend on mirrored VG00

seems correct, but probably you have run out of disk.

You can use this following useful docs to be sure:

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Re: lvextend on mirrored VG00

The contiguous allocation policy is not the default value: it would be important to know why lvol10 was originally configured as "-C y".

If that reason is no longer applicable, the procedure may have been correct; but if the reason for the original configuration is still in effect, you have now undone a necessary part of the configuration.

What is the disk used for? /dev/vg00/lvol10 is not part of the HP-UX standard vg00 layout, so it must have been purposefully created by the sysadmin at some point.

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Re: lvextend on mirrored VG00

hi Matti Kurkela,

lvol10 is used for some application data.

But I don't know why it is included in vg00.

hope no problem with this ?
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: lvextend on mirrored VG00


Maybe this is a good reason to move the data to a non vg00 disk.