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mailxAAAa00nnn files in /var/tmp

Anoop P_2
Regular Advisor

mailxAAAa00nnn files in /var/tmp

Hi Gurus,

I observe lot of files with names mailxAAAa00174nnn (replace nnn with a three digit number) in the /var/tmp folder. Some of them are as old as 2004. All of them are owned by a particular user (SAP default)

Could some one advice the reason? As far as I know, such files should ideally be there only in /var/spool/mqueue or /var/mail/ folders.

I want to fix the very issue due to which these files are created at /var/tmp.

I will assign points to all deserving answers as usual :)

Sunny Jaisinghani
Trusted Contributor

Re: mailxAAAa00nnn files in /var/tmp

hi Anoop

in this case u'll need help from a SAP specialist.
however if these files are creating disk space problem then you should compress them. specially the old ones. if a SAP application is continuosly updating these files then u should not compress them.
i think there won't be any problem in zipping the old files that u mentioned.


Re: mailxAAAa00nnn files in /var/tmp

These are files with the text before mailx mails them. (I have some right now, some are old.) mailx(1) doesn't seem to list these files.

Perhaps there was an error when it attempted to mail a problem? You should look at them.
Anoop P_2
Regular Advisor

Re: mailxAAAa00nnn files in /var/tmp

A SAP guy fixed it.