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make_tape_recovery on multiuser mode.

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make_tape_recovery on multiuser mode.

Dear all,

For full system back is that mandatory to go to single user mode and create make_tape_recovery. Shall i do that on muliti user mode ( all the user application's in stopped condition ). Can someone tell whether it will create any problem?

James R. Ferguson
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Re: make_tape_recovery on multiuser mode.


There is no reason not to perform an Ignite 'make_tape_recovery' in normal, multi-user mode.

It is assumed that all you are backing up is the standard vg00 logical volumes. Therefore aside from log and temporary spool files which may be actively changing, your configuration files, scripts and executables should be static.



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Re: make_tape_recovery on multiuser mode.

Hi Nedved,

Theory says to have the data in consistent state, the system should be as quiet as possible.

In real life running in Multi User mode should cause little to no problems, but of course it could happen that you end up with some corrupt files.
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Re: make_tape_recovery on multiuser mode.

When every there is system backup, the manual always tells that do it in a single user mode. But in reality, few backup's are in single user mode, especially nowadays with the 24x7 condition. And good news is that the multi-user backup works almost all the time.
Bill Hassell
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Re: make_tape_recovery on multiuser mode.

The concern about single user mode is really targeted for databases where data is being recorded is several places that must be consistent. A database writes a record in one location, then changes pointers in another location, then write to logs in another location, etc. The database assumes that all of this happens instantly but of course it does not. When you use a simple backup program like pax (the core process for Ignite file backup), it simply goes sequentially through all the directories and files. So file1 gets backed up with old data, file2 and file1 are both updated by the database and the backup program eventually backs up file2.

Now file1 has old data and file2 has newer data. So for any database program, you must use a backup program tailored to the database itself, that is, one that puts the database into read-only or backup mode.

After saying all that, you see why you should always backup vg00 (only) with Ignite and never load database files onto vg00. 99% of the time, there won't be any problems with normal vg00 files getting out of sync.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
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Re: make_tape_recovery on multiuser mode.


the make_tape_recovery is normal to run in multiuser mode.

its a daily task for backup.

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Re: make_tape_recovery on multiuser mode.

All, Thanks For the reply.