maxssiz and maxssiz_64bit

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maxssiz and maxssiz_64bit


Just got confused with following two tunables.
maxssiz and maxssiz_64bit.

If my system is running on 64bit processor, is
maxssiz irrelavant?


Re: maxssiz and maxssiz_64bit

No, maxssiz still applies to any processes that are still 32-bit, of which there are plenty.



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Re: maxssiz and maxssiz_64bit

... and in general don't go nuts on setting these guys to large values even in 64-bit land.

For 32-bit applications, 32MiB is sufficient and 64MiB is extremely generous. For 64-bit applications, 128MiB is more than generous. When a software developer requests a large stack that is almost a big red flag that you have purchased bad code. Well written code uses dynamically allocated memory that does not come from the stack. The stack should really only be used for local variables. Heavily recursive code might need larger stacks but the vast majority of code needs only a small stack (< 32MiB).

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