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Re: mc/service guard

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mc/service guard

Hi people, okay i wanted to know
1)First the address c0t1d0. i figured out that c is the scsi controller from which a particular disk is attached to and d is the disk that can be d1,d2 etc. Now what about t (target) what is the target???
2)What is an SPU? And what does it do..

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Re: mc/service guard


1) The target will be the effective SCSI ID of the drive on that bus.

2) SPU generally refers to System Power Unit. This is important for HA so that you have multiple power sources to eliminate single points of failure.

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Re: mc/service guard

1) c is the controller ID, t is the SCSI ID target of the disk and d is the disk partition (hard) or the LUN in a disk array

2) SPU stands for the power unit as pointed out.
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