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memory fault when using lpstat command

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Regular Advisor

memory fault when using lpstat command

I get the following error when I use the lpstat command:
list of printers then
printer lp89 is idle. enabled since Aug 1 09:31
fence priority : 0
Memory fault

I have applied 3 patches and rebuilt the kernel the way HP recommended and the issue still exists - any ideas? Thanks, Dee
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: memory fault when using lpstat command

It could be one of any printer configs casing this.

Here is one idea.
use lpmgr to backup your printer configs.

remove all printers. Did the mem fault go away ?
-If so then manually/scriptually add all the printers back. Problem should be resolved.

-If not then you definately have a problem. Move or remove the /var/spool/lp/*status files. And try again.

you can always use lpmgr to put the entire config back to the way it was.

Interesting that a kernel rebuild was recommended for a lpstat issue, hmmmmmm....

Regular Advisor

Re: memory fault when using lpstat command

the ideas are much appreciated. will give them a try - they use HUNDREDS of printers so this could be fun! thanks, Dee
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: memory fault when using lpstat command

That is where the use of lpmgr is important to backup the configuration ( I figured you had a long list ).

If you really want to fix then here is where your scripting skills will come into play.

Script the removal and re-adds. Eventually you will run into the queue causing the issue?

Maybe start with remotes(LPR) first, if you have any?

Maybe run thought the list of printers and disable then re-enable. This has been known to fix stuff in the past also?

If you have a test/crash and burn server. Restore the queues with lpmgr over there to recreate the problem ?

/usr/sam/lbin/lpmgr -? will get you the options.
export with lpmgr
tar up your export directory
ftp to other server
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: memory fault when using lpstat command

You might try running lpstat in the debugger and see where it aborts. :-)

Or you could try various subsets of options and printers to see which ones are causing it to abort:
lpstat -a # or -c, -o, -p, -u, -v
lpstat -i # and try this with the others
lpstat -s
lpstat -t

If you find one that still aborts, these -a|-c|-o|-p|-u|-v take a list, so you can do your printers one by one until you find what aborts.