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migration hp-ux to AIX

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migration hp-ux to AIX

Hi guys, if you have to migrate from hp-ux to aix or vice versa what r the steps u would take on the OS side of things to accomplish this.. Also what about server comparability between the two.. That if an instance is running on a particular hp-ux then which box in aix would be compatible, or is it just resource for resource that in hp-ux if it in running on 1 processor then any server in with IBM with one processor would do...
So, this question is both on an OS and hardware level...
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: migration hp-ux to AIX

> [...] or vice versa what r the steps [...]

Step one: Decide which way you're (u'r?)

> [...] then any server in with IBM with one
> processor would do.....]

Oh, I'm sure that any processor running AIX
would be exactly equivalent to any processor
running HP-UX.

Are you joking? With approximately no useful
information about either your current
hardware or software, do you really expect
anyone to be able to tell you anything (of
any real value)?
Honored Contributor

Re: migration hp-ux to AIX

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking here.

HP-UX executables won't run on AIX boxes, or visa-versa. Different machine architectures. So, if you've either custom programs or 3rd party apps you will need to build or procure versions that are compatible / supported on the target OS(es)

The AIX printing subsystem is different, and sets up differently. "Feels" more like OS/400 printer definitions. There appears to be some carry-over with "varyoff / varyon"

Not sure about the reference to "in running on 1 processor then any server in with IBM with one processor would do...". Processor power doesn't map one-to-one. Its going to depend on which processor you're on as to what might be comparable.

sh and ksh shell scripts port, at least for the most, port with no or only minor issues.
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: migration hp-ux to AIX


I think you're confused, someone in your office said ".!!we are buying a bunch of IBM servers with AIX!!!." Only the database and applications get migrated over, so let the database conversion team point the way.

Does your new IBM server support hp-ux? No. So where is the migration?

Just focus on what it takes to install an AIX O/S, users, passwords, application configuration, ips, etc., and refer to the database conversion team for the logical volume sizes, file system parameters, shared memory and kernel parameters, all of which should be provided to you from the application's manufacturer, ie, oracle, SAP
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Re: migration hp-ux to AIX

"HP-UX executables will never run on an AIX system."

Is this statement correct ?

Re: migration HP-UX to AIX

>Is this statement correct?


Yes.  Why would you think the answer has changed in 6 years?

Other than the migration target might change to Linux.