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mount point become read-only

Kranti Mahmud
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mount point become read-only

Hi all,

I'm having a linux server running on Citrix xen platform in HP blade chassis for last 1.5 years smoothly. This server has attached EMC storage. From last 2 months, we are facing problem like that, one of the specific mount point /etl1 become read-only mode automatically. Other mount points of the same VG are remain as normal as was but this specific mount point goes to read only mode. We need to unmount this mount point and then mount it again to resolve this issue. But, I'm looking for a permanent solution. Please check attached log of the server.

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Re: mount point become read-only

Looks like there was a series of buffer I/O errors which caused the filesystem to fall back to read-only mode.

As this log is from a virtual machine, there is not much information about actual hardware events: the errors are just what the virtualization platform reported to the host.

You should examine the platform logs too: was there any more error messages?

If the platform is configured for storage multipathing, is the multipath configuration correct and is the platform actually using the multipathed devices (instead of single-path devices)?

Have you implemented all the requirements and recommendations of the EMC Connectivity Guide for your platform? (available at, registration and EMC product ID required)