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/ mounted to /dev/root


/ mounted to /dev/root

Hi Gurus,

test:/root->bdf /
Filesystem kbytes used avail %used Mounted on
/dev/root 212992 182008 30984 85% /

This is an ignite server. The above is the problem. The server was patched a year before and the server was rebooted, but the server didn't came up in normal way and the server was brought up in the maintainence mode. I am new to this project and when i was checking the issue with the backup, i found that / was mounted to /dev/root.

I rebooted the server but the server didn't come into the network and also the host name was missing. Then i found that the network related files under /etc/rc.config.d location missing.

I don't have these files under the backup and i just have the routing table details. I also tried to add the gateways but it didn't got updated.

Can anyone help me in bringing up the server in the normal run.

Thanks in advance.

Re: / mounted to /dev/root

Hi All,

I've also found issues with nfs daemons in this server and have attached with this. Am not sure who has updated the nfs files. Can anyone help me out in fixing this issue. The clients are running without ignite now.