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mounting pen drive

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mounting pen drive

hi all there,

Will anybody please tell me how to mount pen drive on Redhat Linux?

Thanx in advance....


Lokesh Nagpal.
Alexander Chuzhoy
Honored Contributor

Re: mounting pen drive

create a directory where you'd mount:
mkdir /mnt/pen

plug you pen drive into the usb
watch the output of `dmesg` command to see what device your pen is using.
Then mount the device into directory you've created:
mout /mnt/pen

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Re: mounting pen drive

Sometimes the usb driver is not loaded into the kernel.

If this is the case dmsg will not show any thing.

You need to load the usb driver manually to solve this using insmod command.

the modules for the drivers are located in /usr/lib/modules or /lib/modules
(do not remeber the path and don't have a syatem to confirm)

before the usb_storage driver can be loaded all the drivers on which it depends should be loaded in the kernel else you will get a "symbol not found error" while loading it

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