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Sajjad Sahir
Honored Contributor


# mptconfig -r ultra160 /dev/mpt14 used this command in order to change the value of scsi
to ultra160 but it is changed to ultra160
the problem is in use rate column still it is showing ultra only.(os version 11.23)

thanks and regards


P Muralidhar Kini
Honored Contributor

Re: mptconfig

Hi Sahir,

>> change the value of scsi to ultra160 but it is changed to ultra160
Looks like typo.
DO you mean, wanted to change to ultra160 but it changed to ultra
or .... something other than ultra160 ?

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Sajjad Sahir
Honored Contributor

Re: mptconfig

i changed to ultra160 that side is ok

the problem what i am seeing in bus rate column still it is showing only ultra instead of ultra160

Honored Contributor

Re: mptconfig


To help you better, could you please paste the command output here.
What was the command message/warning when you changed the SCSI Bus Rate


Which is your card model?

In mptconfig manpage
==> Unless there is a communication problem, the rate
of ultra320 should be used for all target devices,
since the SCSI protocol automatically adjusts the
data transfer rate to compensate for slower

==> May I know why do you want to change this ??


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Sajjad Sahir
Honored Contributor

Re: mptconfig

Dear team

Pls see it

in target parameters it appears just ultra
instead of ultra160,( I need ultra 160 in that column also)
mptconfig /dev/mpt4

Scan For Devices ...

---- ADAPTER INFORMATION -----------------------------------------------------

Device File : /dev/mpt4
Hardware Path : 2/0/14/1/0

---- BUS PARAMETERS ----------------------------------------------------------

Initiator SCSI ID : 7
SCSI Bus Rate : Ultra160
SCSI Bus Width : Wide

---- CHANNEL CAPABILITIES ----------------------------------------------------

Req/Ack Offset : 127
Bus Mode : LVD
Quick Arbitration Selection : Disabled
DT Clocking : Enabled
Packetized : Enabled


Target Description Firmware In Use In Use
Id Version Rate Width
0 ST373207LC HPC3 Ultra Wide
2 ST373207LC HPC3 Ultra Wide
Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: mptconfig


well, the first question i would ask is why are you dropping the speed to 160 when the drive actually is capable at 320

then i would want to know how is the drive connected to the system? external storage? if so what type of external storage box? ds2100 for example? and what cabling?

we need to know the configuration of the system, as you could have the drive in an old box that only supports ultrawide?

hence you've changed it at the scsi controller, but in fact the box can only run at a lower speed, so it has changed to run at the speed it can