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my / root slice suddenly moves to 100 % Please help

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my / root slice suddenly moves to 100 % Please help

what core


        $Source: src/common/libnbcs/NBCSSocket.cpp,v $ $Revision: 1.2 $

        $Source: src/common/libnbcs/Transport.cpp,v $ $Revision: 1.1 $

        $Source: src/common/libnbcs/VNETDService.cpp,v $ $Revision: 1.2 $

        $Source: src/common/libnbcs/RequestStream.cpp,v $ $Revision: 1.2 $

         $Source: src/nb/nbsl/server/auditmgmt/AuditManagerImpl.cpp,v $ $Revision: 1.4 $

         $Source: src/nb/nbsl/server/auditmgmt/AuditDataConvertors.cpp,v $ $Revision: 1.3 $

         $Source: src/nb/nbsl/server/infrastructure/OpsCATTrust.cpp,v $ $Revision: 1.5 $

        B.11.31_LRhosts $Revision: $ $Date: 96/10/08 13:20:01 $


        B.11.31_LRhosts $Revision: $ $Date: 96/10/08 13:20:01 $


Bill Hassell
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Re: my / root slice suddenly moves to 100 % Please help

The what command doesn't tell you the name of the prgram that crashed.

Use the file command as in:

file core


This looks like a NetBackup program. You are probably not compiling and debugging programs on this system, just remove the core file. If someone needs the core file, mv the file to /var/tmp as in:


mv core /var/tmp


However, unless this is a massively large program (dozens of megabytes), you probably have additional work to do on the root directory. Analyze the directory sizes like this:


du -kx / | sort -rn | head -20
bdf / /var /tmp

 Then post the results. The two largest directories should be /etc and /sbin. Anything else is a directory with problems. Either a required directory like /dev has bad files in it, or a directory exists in / that belongs in another volume such as /var. The listing you post will enable us to point out what to fix.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin