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need help with LDAP to AD

Jenni Wolgast
Regular Advisor

need help with LDAP to AD

This is driving me crazy. I have successfully installed LDAP-UX but I cannot get my HP-UX server set up to talk to our AD server right... I created a proxy user in AD and delegated it all the rights it needs but when I run through the LDAP setup it can never find the user I created. I try just telling it where to create a new proxy user and the setup completes, but ldap_proxy_config -v always results in "File Credentials verified - INVALID". I have tried running ldap_proxy_config -i and entering my own credentials (I am a Domain Admin) and I have tried entering the administrator credentials but I always get the same "File Credentials verified - INVALID" error immediately. I can use ldapsearch with both my credentials and the administrator credentials with no problems. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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Re: need help with LDAP to AD

see the post here regarding ldap / ad integration:

it contains links to manuals, a cookbook whitepaper on setting it up, notes on Kerberos / pam configuration, and notes about Windows (release, rights and so on).

Might be of use.

Also, there seem to have been a number of other posts lately regarding ldap...a "search" might turn up something useful.