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net-snmp issues on hpux 11.31

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net-snmp issues on hpux 11.31

Hi Team,


i hv installed net-snmp from software depot (part iexpress) and configured  on my two  hp ux client  runing 11.31 (lets take server A and B) .snmpwalk is working fine locally on my both  hpux 11.31 client  (pls note that these two nodes A&B  are in MSSG Cluster ) .but snmpwalk  between these clients not working at all(from A to B and B to A not working   )  .getting response timeout


1-both nodes(A&B)  are in same VLAN 

2-both nodes snmpwalk working locally(on same  localhost, A to A ; B to B  is working ),but not working between these  two  A-->B B--->A not working

3--.I have few other clients in same network runnig linux etc  (linux server names C&D) . from A --> C  A---> D and B--> C ,B-->D is working fine .but not working C-->A ,D-->A ,C-->B.D-->B all getting response timeout .



where to check /what to check ?

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Re: net-snmp issues on hpux 11.31

Hi Gurus,


kinldy help me

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Re: net-snmp issues on hpux 11.31

Is the net-snmp snmpd process running on hosts A and B? What were the command line parameters used to start it?


My first guess would be that on hosts A and B, snmpd may be listening on the loopback IP address ( only. That would allow snmpwalk to work locally, but not from any remote host.


The listening address can be specified in the snmpd.conf configuration file, or in the command line used to start snmpd.


The default snmpd.conf might include a setting like "agentaddress udp:" to protect your installation until you have changed the default community name and/or SNMPv3 user/password settings. In that case, you are supposed to remove or adjust that setting to suit your needs, but only after you've made sure your snmpd cannot be accessed from the Internet using the default snmpd community names/passwords.



My second guess would be that something might prevent the snmpd from either receiving the incoming queries from the network or from listening on port 161/UDP of the outgoing network interface altogether. Perhaps some other program has already occupied the 161/UDP port?

  • Does the system have IPFilter installed? (Does the /etc/opt/ipf directory exist? Does it contain anything?)
  • Please run "netstat -anf inet | grep 161" and post the output.
  • If you have the "lsof" command installed (in Internet Express, very useful for a sysadmin), please run "lsof -i udp:161" and post the output.


If none of the above provides any clues, net-snmp has fairly extensive logging facilities. Please read the LOGGING OPTIONS chapter in "man snmpcmd" and start snmpd with the option to log everything it can to a file. Then run a snmpwalk command locally: you should see the log file grow as a result. Then run a snmpwalk from another host: if the log file grows again, snmpd is receiving the queries but the answer is not getting back to the snmpwalk command for some reason. If the log file is not growing when you run snmpwalk from another host, then the query is not reaching snmpd.