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newbie to linux

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newbie to linux

hi all

im conversant with hp-ux, aix, and solaris (in that order). i need to learn linux. whats my best bet in ur estimations?

thx in advance

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: newbie to linux


For common tasks, do google searches and sometimes use the to catch forum posts.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: newbie to linux

Since you already know three types of unix-style systems, adding a fourth one should not be a big deal.

What's your style? Do you prefer the ease of GUI admin tools or the raw power of the command line?

See the "Rosetta Stone for Unix":

Find out which Linux distribution(s) you most likely will be using, and read their documentation (it's going to be freely available on the web, unless you pick a rare ultra-restricted distribution).

If something works the same in HP-UX, AIX and Solaris, it will be a good guess to assume it works the same in Linux too. If you've gotten used to referring to the man page for some particular thing because you cannot remember exactly the syntax for *this* architecture... yup, you will probably be doing that in Linux too.

Expect to learn a new bootloader, a few new filesystem types, a new way to set network parameters persistently, a new set of hardware management commands, a new /dev layout and a few other things like that.

You may have installed some GNU tools to get some extra functionality over and above the OS's standard versions in HP-UX, AIX and/or Solaris... on Linux, the GNU tools *are* the standard tools.

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: newbie to linux


To add to Matti's insights, you will find this "Distribution Chooser" potentially useful:

It is designed to guide you in your early explorations of Linux distributions.


dirk dierickx
Honored Contributor

Re: newbie to linux

most distro's have excellent documentation on their site as well. the RH knowledge base will contain the answer to most of your questions probably.

howtoforge is also nice, but don't just follow it blindly because the posts are not always clean implementations.

basicly, if you know your way around solaris and hpux, you should be able to figure out linux pretty quick.