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nfs question

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Matt Shaffer_1
Regular Advisor

nfs question

I have an nfs mount point on my rhel4.3 64 bit server. The mount is mounted on other systems too. There are files that are much larger than 2G in the mount. If I do ls -la they only show that they are 2G. If I unmount/remount the mount the ls -la shows the correct size. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks
Honored Contributor

Re: nfs question

It might be related to different NFS protocol versions: if the original mount happens using NFSv2 and the remount allows it to use NFSv3, it might explain the problem.

(Although I seem to recall that the limit of NFSv2 was at 4 GB, not 2 GB...)

I think a careful examination of the mount options of this NFS mount is in order.

How is the mount defined in /etc/fstab?
What does /proc/mounts say about it, both before and after the remount?
What are the exact commands you use to remount it?

Another possibility: what kind of machine is the NFS server? What options are used to export the filesystem at the server?