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not able to telnet to HPUX

vijay alur alur
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not able to telnet to HPUX

Hello All,


I am not able to telnet to a HPUX server through command prompt but i am able to telnet through putty. Anyone has any clue?


Please help.




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Steven Schweda
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Re: not able to telnet to HPUX

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Re: not able to telnet to HPUX

If you are using Windows 7/Vista, u need to enable telnet client on add/remove windows features.

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Re: not able to telnet to HPUX

The Windows domain administrator may have applied a security policy to the Windows Firewall (or any other software firewall product on your workstations) that stops telnet.exe from making network connections. If this is true, your site apparently has a policy to stop using telnet and switch to secure login methods (like SSH) instead, so you should install SSH and disallow telnet connections on your HP-UX servers too.


Telnet is an obsolete protocol. It is not secure: if someone can monitor your network traffic, he can capture your entire telnet session, including your passwords and anything else you may see or type.

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Re: not able to telnet to HPUX

Maybe telnet service is even disabled on the server. If you already have putty, then try ssh connection.

Hope this helps!

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Re: not able to telnet to HPUX




Start with small tests


- Do Telnet from putty

- Do telnet from other HPUX server


If you can do it and you can't from your windows it must be a firewall issue or a group policy.