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npar on rp7410

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npar on rp7410

We are inheriting some new servers from other groups (rp7410). I was told that it has two partitions with 2 server names (like serv1 and serv2) with MC service Guard failing over between the 2. My questions are.

1. If it has 2 diff nodenames then it should be npar(standalone)- correct?

2. what command i should type on server1 to find out thios infomation?

3. is it enough if i login to one server to get information about both or should i login to each server (serv 1 and serv2)?

4. This box is running 11.11 and we are going to upgrade (not cold install) to 11.23, any docs or tips for that would help.

Please help and Good Day!


Steven E. Protter
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Re: npar on rp7410

Shalom Mike,

1. Don't think this is correct. See rest of answer. Maybe I don't understand the question.

2. As root parstatus vparstatus. check the man pages for appropriate options.

3. Within an npar, any system can run vparstatus or parstatus. Must be root. vpar name has nothing to do with hostname, though many people set them the same.

4. Bad idea. The upgrade-ux process on average leaves you with an unusable system. Do an Ignite make_tape_recovery or make_net_recovery before you start.

Steven E Protter
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Andrew Rutter
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Re: npar on rp7410

hi mike,

yes sounds like 2 npars, but not guaranteed.

best to check when you get it up and running.

you can see what npars you have from logging onto the mp, or in unix.

for npars use the parstatus commands and vpars use vparstatus.

#parstaus -P

this would show you any npars and there partition names and other info about them.

see man parstatus for more info.

Also for vpars you need the vpars software installed, so do a swlist and grep for Virtual?

lots of docs for you to read at

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Re: npar on rp7410

Hi Mike,

1. If it has two node names, it may be npar. If you meant hostnames it may be vpar also.

2. check parstatus -v or vparstatus

3. you can get partition related information of complex from any of the server ( Npar), but not OS related.



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