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offline a path RHEL5

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offline a path RHEL5

hi guys,

I need to offline one path form the OS and check how the multipath is behaving. How could this be done ?. I don't need to try something like SANsurfer as we have not got this on all the machines.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: offline a path RHEL5


I'm not sure this can be done from Linux... If it can, the details will depend on the type of HBAs that are in the server.

Assuming you don't have physical access to the server (which would enable you to simply pull a fibre) then probably the next easiest thing would be to get the relevant SAN switch ports disabled.

Hope this helps,


Ivan Ferreira
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Re: offline a path RHEL5

You could run the portdisable command on the san switch to offline one HBA.
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Re: offline a path RHEL5

Powerpath commands helps. I have not tried this myslef so far.

In the "PowerPath Family CLI and System Messages Reference Guide 5.2 and 5.3 A03" on page 16 I found 2 commands to disble ports:
- powermt disable hba
- powermt set port_disable