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Re: offline backup and online backup

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Sajjad Sahir
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offline backup and online backup

Dear All

what is the main difference between offline backup and online backup. I would like to get real concept about it. pls

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Re: offline backup and online backup


simple explanation

Online means you backup while the application instance is still up and running.

Offline means total backup of your database with operating system. So here you need to stop all service including sap and oracle..

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Sajjad Sahir
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Re: offline backup and online backup

stop all service means databas and sap only
I have to come to single usermod in unix
for example
I am using sg and database is running
here offline backup means
I have to shutdown sg and oracle dabase only
am i right? then i can do offline backup.
one more clairification i have to come to single usermode for offline backup?
Stefan Wusowski
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Re: offline backup and online backup

Hallo, for application offline backup you don't need singleuser Mode. Only shutdown the application and backup the application files. If you stop the SG (package or Cluster) there is no standard access to the application files, while the VG is deactived.

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Re: offline backup and online backup


Note that you dont always need to do offline backups. An online backup when done properly is much more efficient than an offline backup when you realize that it requires NO DOWNTIME.

For example, for Oracle databases you can do ONLINE backups using RMAN.

what are your requirements?

You should also bear in mind that until you test your recovery from the backup you have done successfully, you cannot claim that your backup whether online or offline has been done effectively!!

kind regards
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