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/opt 100% full

Felix Tabares

/opt 100% full

Good afternoon.

I have a / opt in 100% usage, will have a suggestion to have more space available there, as it can not extend the VG.


/opt> find /opt -xdev -size +50000 -exec ls -s {} \; |sort -n
52272 /opt/IBM/ITM/tmaitm6/agentdepot/ui/062001001/unix/uihpi116.jar
52784 /opt/hpservices/jre/opt/java1.4/jre/lib/rt.jar
53056 /opt/java1.4/jre/lib/rt.jar
53728 /opt/ignite/data/Rel_B.11.23/INSTCMDSIA
53760 /opt/ignite/data/Rel_B.11.23/SYSCMDS
54880 /opt/thunderbird/components/
56352 /opt/java1.4/jre/lib/IA64N/server/
57440 /opt/VRTSalloc/providers/
59600 /opt/java1.4/jre/lib/IA64W/server/
60976 /opt/hpservices/jre/opt/java1.4/jre/lib/IA64N/server/
65136 /opt/hpservices/jre/opt/java1.4/jre/lib/IA64W/server/
65536 /opt/ignite/boot/Rel_B.11.23/WINSTALLFS
73664 /opt/mozilla/src/MOZILLA-SRC-HP.tar.gz
76976 /opt/java1.5/jre/lib/rt.jar
77712 /opt/thunderbird/components/
77984 /opt/IBM/ITM/JRE/hpi116/lib/rt.jar
78080 /opt/IBM/ITM/hpi116/ux/hist/UNIXNET
78096 /opt/VRTSob/jre/lib/rt.jar
80528 /opt/firefox/components/
82368 /opt/mozilla/components/
87808 /opt/ignite/boot/Rel_B.11.23/IINSTALLFS
92688 /opt/ignite/data/Rel_B.11.23/SYSCMDSIA
94528 /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/nohup.out
98496 /opt/OV/lbin/perf/coda
102592 /opt/java1.5/jre/lib/IA64N/server/
106208 /opt/java1.5/jre/lib/IA64W/server/
108512 /opt/sfmdb/pgsql/src/postgresql-7.4.2-src.tar.gz
111584 /opt/IBM/ITM/JRE/hpi116/lib/IA64W/server/
115008 /opt/VRTSob/jre/lib/IA64N/server/
119488 /opt/VRTSob/jre/lib/IA64W/server/
130160 /opt/firefox/src/firefox-1501-src.tar.gz
130736 /opt/thunderbird/src/thunderbird-src.tar.gz
149680 /opt/gtk2.6/src/gtk2.6-src.tar.gz
152720 /opt/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/ora64/backint
157376 /opt/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/ora64/
170224 /opt/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/ora64/prole
248848 /opt/VRTSob/jre.tar
295280 /opt/IBM/ITM/tmaitm6/agentdepot/jr/050500000/unix/jrhpi116.tar
443120 /opt/VRTSob/jre_ia.tar
1902000 /opt/IBM/ITM/hpi116/ux/hist/UNIXDISK
Michael Mike Reaser
Valued Contributor

Re: /opt 100% full

Do something with the following files:

73664 /opt/mozilla/src/MOZILLA-SRC-HP.tar.gz
108512 /opt/sfmdb/pgsql/src/postgresql-7.4.2-src.tar.gz
130160 /opt/firefox/src/firefox-1501-src.tar.gz
130736 /opt/thunderbird/src/thunderbird-src.tar.gz
149680 /opt/gtk2.6/src/gtk2.6-src.tar.gz
248848 /opt/VRTSob/jre.tar
295280 /opt/IBM/ITM/tmaitm6/agentdepot/jr/050500000/unix/jrhpi116.tar
443120 /opt/VRTSob/jre_ia.tar

All of these are either tar files or compressed tar files, and are sitting there occupying space under /opt that you could use.

Move these files somewhere else on your system so they can be put back (in case one or more packages complain), but I would beleive that the Mozilla, FireFox, Thunderbird and GTK files could be safely tucked away, at the very least.
There's no place like

HP-Server-Literate since 1979
Honored Contributor

Re: /opt 100% full

Suggest you carve a new LVs from a different VG if you have the space.

Then "move" your software mounts over to these new filesystems:


create apt sized IBM, tivoli LVs say on /dev/vg02/IBM, /dev/vg04/tivoli

create filesystems on them
move data for example:

mount /dev/vg03/IBM /mnt
stop svcs that use the IBM tree
cd /opt/IBM
find ./ -depth -print|cpio -pdvmu /mnt
mv /opt/IBM /opt/IBM.old
mkdir /opt/IBM
umount /mnt
mount /dev/vg03/IBM /opt/IBM
Edit fstab
remove /opt/IBM.old

Do this for /opt third parties that are suspect to grow as a result of updates or have logs underneath them.

My standard is minimalist OS partitioning -- I do not have /opt and /usr as a separate filesystem - instead having a large /. All /usr and /opt third party software get their own filesystems.

Hakuna Matata.
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: /opt 100% full

Looking for big files is just the wrong way to solve disk space, especially in /opt. Each product requires specific files in specific directories, so removing or compressing random files will eventually break a lot of code.

Instead, look for big directories:

du -kx /opt | sort -rn | head -30

You will now see the largest products, most likely /opt/IBM, but check first. Assuming that /opt/IBM is the largest directory, create a new lvol that is 30% larger than /opt/IBM. Make the new lvol into a filesystem (newfs) and mount it to a temp directory.

Now shutdown all the apps that are part of the /opt/IBM directory structure. Copy all the directories and files to the new directory. Then verify the directory and file counts and if OK, umount the temp directory. Just in case, backup the /opt/IBM directory to tape. Now remove everything in /opt/IBM (leave the empty directory /opt/IBM). Now mount the new lvol as /opt/IBM and edit /etc/fstab to mount the /opt/IBM automatically on reboot.

None of this is needed if you have the Online JFS product (to expand the /opt filesystem) assuming you have room in vg00. If neither, use the above procedure.

If you need to move several applications in /opt, create a mountpoint called /opt2, then (after shutting down the affected applications), copy the complete /opt/app directory to /opt2 so it looks like this:


Now remove the /opt/IBM...etc directories. Then create symlinks for the new locations:

ln -s /opt2/IBM /opt/IBM
ln -s /opt2/tivoli /opt/tivoli
ln -s /opt2/VRTSob /opt/VRTSob

Now the applications can be started and /opt will much smaller.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin