p2000 / lvm oracle config

Charles McCary
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p2000 / lvm oracle config


I have a P2000 on which I'm going to be building data/index/log filesystems.

Database is 8k block size.
Running hp-ux 11.31 on rx6600.

Here's what I'm proposing:

1) Build a raid 10 LUN for logs (undo,redo,archive).

2) Build raid 5 LUNs for data/indexes.

3) LVM PE size default 64MB.

4) P2000 chunk size default 64KB for all LUNs.

What am I missing? Do I need to do anything differently or in addition? Like create the filesystems with a specific block size using newfs?

I'd appreciate any input and will reward with points accordingly.
Turgay Cavdar
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Re: p2000 / lvm oracle config

For configuration of the file system, you can check the document:

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Re: p2000 / lvm oracle config

That document describing some information.

Are you going to add it to existing VG or going to create a new VG?

In Basic LVM tasks, you have to do following.

1. pvcreate
2. vgcreate
3. lvcreate
4. newfs
5. mount.

With vgcreate, you need to specify, -s 64, so that, your PE size will set to 64MB.

Default value of PE size will be 4MB.

With newfs, you need to specify -o largefiles to accept file system with larger files ( above 2G ).
Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: p2000 / lvm oracle config

Hmm, it would have been been nice to see a reference back to your other topic on this:


Picking up from there:

>> 3) For all LUNs stripe and mirror at the LVOM level (isn't the mirroring redundant here?).

Unless you are considering multiple P2000's the LVM mirroring and striping are pointless in this case. That only creates overhead, removes clarity and adds a false sense of security/performance not to mention a waste of space for the mirroring. Due to the P2000 striping over physical volumes the LVM mirrored blocks may well end up using the same physical drives. Unless you very carefully craft the luns from multiple P2000 groups but you gave no indication for that. And in that case... do you really want 4 copies of each block?

Now if you go that simple route, then why bother with LVM at all? What value will it add for you beyond familiarity? You can just build file systems directly on the devices files and get the flexibility, performance and redundancy directly from the P2000.
Just a thought.

Charles McCary
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Re: p2000 / lvm oracle config


thanks for the advice. I had figured out the LVM striping and mirroring was redundant, that's why I didn't include it in my proposal.

Do you have some doco on creating the filesystems directly over the disk. You are correct in that I am familiar with LVM, but not that process.