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panic: all VFS_MOUNTROOTs failed: NEED DRIVERS ?????


panic: all VFS_MOUNTROOTs failed: NEED DRIVERS ?????

I made an incredibly stupid mistake on an rx2620 HP-UX 11.23 with mirrored disks. I executed

# lvremove /dev/vg00/lvol14

in single-user mode (not LVM maintenance mode). lvol14 was being used as secondary swap. The command errored out with an error I stupidly failed to record. When I shut down, it would not boot to LVM maintenance mode.

I don't have the luxury of an Ignite server. I reloaded the O/S from DVD to one of the disks (c3t2d0). I was able to access file systems of the formerly mirrored disk (c2t1d0), no problem. But it still won't boot to LVM maintenance mode off of c2t1d0 (I realize I still need to fix vg00.conf). [See attached for more detailed information.]

I would very much like to get the disk bootable again. The other postings with this panic describe conditions that don't seem to apply here, unless I missed something. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions provided.
sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: panic: all VFS_MOUNTROOTs failed: NEED DRIVERS ?????

# vgcfgrestore -f /wcw/etc/lvmconf/vg00.conf -l
Volume Group Configuration information in "/wcw/etc/lvmconf/vg00.conf"
VG Name /dev/vg00
---- Physical volumes : 2 ----
/dev/rdsk/c3t2d0s2 (Bootable)
/dev/rdsk/c2t1d0s2 (Bootable)

I assume that earlier you had these 2 disks as a part of vg00 and that they had been mirrored.

WARNING: Logical volume for Dump expected but not found.
you are perhaps missing
#lvlnboot -b /dev/vg01/lvol1
#lvlnboot -s /dev/vg01/lvol2
#lvlnboot -r /devvg01/lvol3
#lvlnboot -d /dev/vg01/lvol2
Try booting normally using the disk that is /dev/rdsk/c3t2d0s2

and as u said that you are able to access the disk /dev/rdsk/c2t1d0s2, do the following

once the system comes up you can
#cd /etc/lvmconf
keep a copy all the LVM Cinfigurations there by appending to the name of exch conf file your name
cp -p vg00.conf vg00.conf.mark
cp -p vg00.conf.old vg00.conf.old.mark

#vgexport /dev/vg01
#mkdir /dev/newroot
#mknod /dev/newroot/group c 64 0x010000
#vgimport /dev/vg01 /dev/dsk/c2t1d0s2
Reduce the other disk if agin you find as ghost disk in vg01.
#lvlnboot -b /dev/vg01/lvol1
#lvlnboot -s /dev/vg01/lvol2
#lvlnboot -r /dev/vg01/lvol3
#lvlnboot -v
#lvlnboot -R
#lvlnboot - v
#echo "boot vmunix -lq" >/tmp/AUTO
#efi_cp -d /dev/rdsk/c2t1d0s2 /tmp/AUTO/EFI
#setboot -p
#setboot -h -a

and set the Disk /dev/rdsk/c2t1d0s2> as thr Pry boot path.

Start in LVM Maint mode
#shutdown -ry 00

Once in LVM maint mode : (you should get the system boot in LVM Maint mode as lvlnboot has corrected the boot and swap for the disk)

#vgexport /dev/vg00
#vgexport /dev/vg01
#mkdir /dev/vg00
#mknod /dev/vg00/group c 64 0x000000
#vgimport /dev/vg00 /dev/dsk/c2t1d0s2

#lvlnboot -v
do this again for the boot,swap,root and dumo if reqd.
#lvlnboot -R


vgchange -a y vg00
#mount -a

ot reboot



Re: panic: all VFS_MOUNTROOTs failed: NEED DRIVERS ?????

No luck. The suggested actions seemed to help a little. The shutdown did not have the warning message and the boot seemed to be a bit closer to normal [see attached]. But it still gave the same panic.