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panic-situ-----need emergency reply

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panic-situ-----need emergency reply

hi ,
due to env problem my server (rx8640)gone to normal shutdown.nowi am trying to connect MP ,its not getting my v-pars.but it shows the pars like par 0 par 1.the vfp is shows like
# Partition state Activity
- --------------- --------
0 Memory interleave FPAR_PHASE_IS_INTERACTING 245 Logs
1 Memory interleave FPAR_PHASE_IS_INTERACTING 199 Logs
please anybody help me ..........
and i am not gettting individual vpars thruogh putty also.

help me--------
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Re: panic-situ-----need emergency reply

In other words, you've made a full reboot. This causes the system to run a *long* self-test sequence before each nPar reboots. You may be unfamiliar with this, because a vPar reboot happens quite fast. If the number of Logs in the vfp display keeps increasing, don't worry: just switch to the console mode and wait.

If the Logs number in the vfp display stops,
there are two possibilities:
1.) The system has finally completed diagnostics and entered the boot phase. If the nPar is not configured with a valid boot target, you may have to switch to the console mode and use EFI to select a valid boot target (if you're using vPars, this would be vpmon).
2.) you may have a hardware problem. You must then use the MP logs (the SL command) to diagnose the problem.

If your hardware partition is configured with vPars, the hardware partition will first boot the vPar monitor, which will then boot the vPars in that hardware partition.

vPars are virtual partitions, created by the vPar monitor (vpmon). When vpmon is not running, all its vPars are not active and cannot be accessed.