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parstatus & CIMServer relation

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parstatus & CIMServer relation

Is there any relation between parstatus comand and the process CIM server . Here the issue is that out server was very slow and I could see that the process cimprovagt is using more memory . and at the same time the parstatus command displays an error

root@s96cof25:/ : parstatus -w
Error: Unable to connect to the nPar Provider on .
1. Verify that the HP nPar Provider (WMINParProvider on Windows) is installed and running on .
2. Verify that you are logged-in to the correct account (or have provided the correct username & password) to access the provider on .
3. CIM Server may not be responding to requests. Verify that the CIM Server is running on .
PGS08000: CIM HTTP or HTTPS connector cannot connect to local CIM server. Connection failed.

What I did is I have resatarted the Cimserver using the command

sbin/init.d/cim_server start

After that I am able to run the parstatus command and its showing hte proper output . Also I could see that the memory usaeg bythe process cimprovagt is reduced

Please some one clarify , what exactly the issue . And what is the relatio between Cimserver & parstatus
Turgay Cavdar
Honored Contributor

Re: parstatus & CIMServer relation

parstatus command use wbem, please check the man page:

# man parstatus

This command uses the Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) product and certain of its configuration settings. If you encounter connection errors when using the -u option, check that the following two conditions are satisfied:

+ Use the cimconfig command (see cimconfig(1M) in the WBEM product documentation) to verify (and correct if necessary) the setting of the following two variables:
+ enableRemotePrivilegedUserAccess=true
+ enableHttpsConnection=true

+ You must have appended the target partition's digital certificate to the local partition's Trust Store file. For the nPartition commands, the Trust Store file is /var/opt/wbem/client.pem.