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Hi All!

I have lost the password for 8620 and hp-ux 11.23 server. I wanted to reset the password by rebooting the server and use the MP to reset it, but unfortunately i cannot communicate with the MP.

Friends, what do i do
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Re: passwd

Could you please elaborate on not being able to communicate to MP? are you not able to log in through MP or you dont have IP of you MP. If the server is near you can take serial console on you PC. BTW to reset the root passwd reboot the system to Single user mode and remove the text content of 2nd column of /etc/passwd file the boot the server to its normal level.
there will be no passwd for the user so change the passwd after logginig in
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Re: passwd

Connect terminal to the serial port of the server, and boot the server in single user mode

hpux -is

mount /etc
vi /etc/passwd
remove the password of the root
boot the server
login into the server without any password
change the passwd


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Re: passwd

Connect a null modem cable to the lower MP console port and use something like putty to connect. Does this work?

Hope this helps!

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Re: passwd

the MP is faulty
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Re: passwd

If you've lost the root password and cannot communicate with the MP, the first task is to restore the connectivity to the MP.

If the MP does not respond using the MP LAN connection, you must then access it using a local serial connection. If that does not respond either, use the MP Reset button in the system's back panel:

If the MP password is lost, the reset is still useful: most MP versions allow you to reset the MP passwords to factory default if you press a certain key on the local serial console while the MP is resetting itself. Just watch the prompts on the local serial console while the MP is resetting: they are fairly self-explanatory.