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Son dam bi


In the redhat system , the current password policy is case senitive , can advise how to cancel it ?

for example : if the password is ABC456 , the user can still login the system with abc456 , what can i do ?

please ignore the security issure .

Thx in advance.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: password


You question doesn't really make sense.

Do you want to make the password case INsensitive, so that they can log on with either upper or lower case ?

I'm not sure that it's possible, although you've given us no information on which "redhat" system you're talking about...


Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: password

Even windows password is case sensitive, can you explain if you have a specific problem or requirement that could be solved without reinventing the wheel.
Por que hacerlo dificil si es posible hacerlo facil? - Why do it the hard way, when you can do it the easy way?
Honored Contributor

Re: password

The case sensitivity is hard-coded into the password hashing algorithm. To make it case-insensitive, you would have to download the source code of the PAM module and modify it to be always set the password to either all lower or all upper case before hashing.

(The unix-style password hashing cannot be reversed: a password is checked by hashing the password that user entered, and comparing the result to the stored password hash. If they match, the password was correct.)

But this is just a Wrong Thing to do: in Unix/Linux systems, *all command and file names* are case sensitive by default, and this cannot be changed. The users *must* learn to live with it.

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: password

> But this is just a Wrong Thing to do: [...]

But a password is not a command or file name;
it's a password.

> [...] [...]

If no one else has done it already.

> The users *must* learn to live with it.

Not if you change it. VMS, by the way, has
(by default) case-insensitive passwords.
(It's been "Wrong" for over thirty years,
with few complaints. And no complaints at
all about a "Caps Lock" key in the wrong
state. Many would not call this "Wrong".)
Randy Jones_3
Trusted Contributor

Re: password

> If no one else has done it already.

It did not take me five minutes to find
dirk dierickx
Honored Contributor

Re: password

passwords, pfhu! what is it good for? hey, here is an idea, we'll disable passwords all together. pure brilliance.