pop and smtp


pop and smtp

we have hosted our website at dayanahost, our site is xyz.com and mail server is mail.xyz.com, i wish to configure a linux server to download and send emails, connected through an ADSL line please send me configuration, i have to decide the email server and linux distro as well. please help me out. thank you
Bill Thorsteinson
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Re: pop and smtp

I would install Debian. The standard exim
mail transfer agent will handle local and
remote delivery for local mail.

Fetchmail may be what you want to fetch
mail from dayanahost. It can log into
a mail server and fetch the mail for local

If you want pop access to the mail on your
new server then you can install qpopper,
dovecot, or one of several other pop servers.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: pop and smtp

Shalom Mudasir,

You really can use any Linux distribution you wish.

Red Hat is a good one because it has the most users. You'll get good help on the forums here on any distribution that is in wide use.

Sendmail is really the same on most ditributions. http://www.sendmail.org

Dovecot is a good popmail server that comes with RH and many other distributions.

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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: pop and smtp

Are you trying to configure a server that downloads the mail using pop and re-distribute locally?

Search in google

fetchmail maildrop

You can use sendmail (widely used) postfix (easy to configure) or qmail (self-claimed the most secure)

Fedora is the cost-free version of red hat, you can use it.
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