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present a disk to a VM

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David Willams
Super Advisor

present a disk to a VM

How do I assign a SAN disk to a VM guest

will the below work:-

#hpvmmodify –P vm00 -a disk:scsi::disk:/dev/rdsk/c2t0d0

Also I have a 8gig NIC.. how do I assigne this to a VM guest..

I have 4 physical CPU's in the host..
how many max. can I assign to each guest if I have 2 guests.

this is hpvm 4.1 running on 11.31

melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: present a disk to a VM

Read the manuals?
use the an pages?
Take a course on Integrity VM?

If you have created a VM, then yes, that command will work.
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Valued Contributor

Re: present a disk to a VM

First the SAN disk has to be presented to the VM host. Assuming this has been done, the command you specified should work. Do an ioscan on the guest before doing hpvmmodify and then again afterward because the device file will likely be different on the guest.

Similar command to present the NIC:
#hpvmmodify -P vm00 -a network:lan:[hardware-address]. See for more.


- R.
David Willams
Super Advisor

Re: present a disk to a VM