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print job not printing - stays in lpstat queue

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print job not printing - stays in lpstat queue


I have an HP-UX 11.31 and I have added a new remote printer, however when I send jobs to it directly, it stays in the queue.  Any ideas?





Re: print job not printing - stays in lpstat queue

It would have really helped if more details were available about the issue. 

Is there any print server invovled ? If yes, you need to check connectivity between the printer and the server.

Ensuer that correct printer driver and printer model script are installed.

Also, ensure to set correct print request priority to the new printer.

Verify that the remote system and its spooler is running.

Verify that the printer is enabled and accepting requests from both local and remote systems.
You can check /var/adm/lp/log for possible clues about the problem.

For detailed analysis of the issue, it is advisable to log a case with HPE support.

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Bill Hassell
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Re: print job not printing - stays in lpstat queue

Unfortunately, HPE uses very confusing terminology concerning printers. 

A remote printer refers to a print server such as WinNT or a printer or adapter that understands the very old port 515 printer handshake.

A network printer refers to a "modern" printer that supports port 9100 printing. All HP printers with an internal network interface supports port 9100 as well as a number of non-HP printers. 

A word about modern printers: Most do not recognize simple ASCII text.
Instead, they expect a stream of codes that form the dots on the page.
Whether it is an inkjet or laser or thermal printer, most need a large driver complete with font images.
While these are standard with Windows or Macs, HP-UX has nothing to support raster based printing.

So you'll need to research the printer model to see if it will print simple ASCII text with a builtin font imager.
A few printers also support Postcript which can be printed without special handling in HP-UX.
But HP-UX has no Postscript capability. Postscript is generated by certain application programs.

One solution is to use CUPS for HP-UX.
You can download a copy from the Porting Centre:

This can provide HP-UX with support for dozens of printers.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: print job not printing - stays in lpstat queue



Thanks for that, been away for a bit.  My issue is initial connectivity and why the job stays in the queue.  I'm not really concerened, YET, about the format of the printout.  I just need to ensure I can send jobs from the OS.

I'm assured that the printer this is replacing is on the same subnet so don't think it's a routing issue.