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Re: printer log files in /opt/hpnpl/tmp

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printer log files in /opt/hpnpl/tmp

there are numerous log files in the above directory associated with printers for example DBA4050.log is the printer in our office. can i remove these log files ?
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Re: printer log files in /opt/hpnpl/tmp

The standard lp spooler does create any logs for individual printers. The only log would be in /var/adm/lp/log and only when lpsched is started with -v. Are you using some other print spooler?

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: printer log files in /opt/hpnpl/tmp

not as far as i know and these are the info from one of the log files:

Oct 6 23:59:23%%[ status: Job: AD105_BACKUP-5824; User: dtrainer ]%%
Oct 6 23:59:23%%[ status: making connection to AD105_BACKUP; source: unknown link type ]%%
Oct 6 23:59:26%%[ status: connected to AD105_BACKUP; source: unknown link type ]%%
Oct 6 23:59:26%%[ status: transmitting data ]%%
Oct 6 23:59:26%%[ status: finish sending print data ]%%

guess i could drop one of the logs and see if
it has any affect, but from the information in the file i can't believe it will have any effect... interesting to see if the log file gets recreated

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Re: printer log files in /opt/hpnpl/tmp

OK, these are generated by the hppi program hpnpf. All the files with the .log extension can be removed at any time. Make sure you turn off TEOJ and job recovery (they don't work well at all). The printers may have been added using the -s option in addqueue but there appears to be no way to turn it off. I would suggest removing and adding each printer again using addqueue like this:

removequeue -q DBA4050
addqueue -q DBA4050 -h -r off -t off -b off

Then print a couple of jobs and see that the DBA4050.log file is no longer created in /opt/hpnpl/tmp. If that keeps the log file from being created, you can re-add the rest of the printers all at once. removequeue and addqueue will stop and start lp, so do this maintenance during off hours.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin