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printing from tray2

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Occasional Contributor

printing from tray2

I need to print using lprng specifically to tray 2 from printer model HP LaserJet 8150DN. I tried using :

banner "test" | lp -d abc12b -o A4 -o tray2

but still prints from tray1. What is the command do i use to print from tray 2?
Honored Contributor

Re: printing from tray2

Some HP printer model scripts will print out a list of supported "lp -o ..." options if you run this command:

lp -d abc12b -ooptions
But since you say you're using LPRng instead of the standard HP-UX print spooler, the standard HP model scripts might not be used at all. In that case, the standard options to the "lp" command you see in any HP-UX documentation will not be applicable.

If you're using the "ifhp" filter that comes with the LPRng distribution, the correct option would be "intray2".


The native printing command of LPRng is "lpr", not "lp". I would test with it first:

banner "test" | lpr -Pabc12b -Z intray2

Once this works, you can try with LPRng's "lp" compatibility layer. You may have to configure LPRng's lp option translation first:


Occasional Contributor

Re: printing from tray2

thanks for your response

but how do i set that printing to this queue specifically goes to tray2 in /etc/printcap for instance

abc12b :
:cm=HP LaserJet 8150DN
Occasional Contributor

Re: printing from tray2

did not receive feedback from 2nd question will create a new thread.