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problems printing to linejet from HPUX

Bill Costigan
Honored Contributor

problems printing to linejet from HPUX

We are trying to configure a Linejet printer to print from HPUX. We've configured the printer into HPUX using two different methods, jetdirect and remote printer.

The manual says to configure it as a remote printer. When we send a job to the printer e.g.
lp -dtest /etc/hosts (test is configured to d1prn on the host name of the printer) nothing prints.

The printer starts up. The print comb start to vibrate and contiunes for 10 seconds or so then stops. an lpstat shows that the print job d1prn-xxxx is active. it also says its printing the trailer and its blocked (3 minutes).

If we use jetdirect (dumbprinterCR model script) the printer prints but olny small jobs ( few pages or less)

If we send a large job, the first 20 pages or so, keeps being reprinted. If seems like the buffer gets full and the jetdirect software sees this as an error and resend the job.

Has anyone seen this? How have you solved this problem?

Valued Contributor

Re: problems printing to linejet from HPUX

These printers usually use an internal bundled print server rather than the HP Jetdirect print server. So I don't know how the Jetdirect software would interact with one of those print servers.
For example, if you used SAM to create a remote printer, then you are using LPD and the printer server would have to support the TCP port 515. On the other hand, Jetdirect software prints to TCP port 9100 (which apparently works for you, sort of)
On the Jetdirect queue, you could try turning off True end of Job and Job Recovery (do this by modifying the queue in the Jetdirect software).
Again, whatever the printer's print server is designed to work with is what you really should use. There could be many reasons that LPD isn't working, such as the LPD service isn't running or there is just a flakey cable or switch/hub port connection.
good luck
Bill Costigan
Honored Contributor

Re: problems printing to linejet from HPUX

I did configure the remote printer through SAM so I guess it is using LPD. I'm guessing the printer/print server is listening to the LPD port because when I send it a job the printer reacts. The print comb starts to vibrate and lpstat on the 9K relays the status from the printer saying that a job is active.

It's just that nothing prints. The manual that comes with the printer gives the sequence of commands to use through SAM to configure the 9K. I'm assuming there is a step or two missing from the manual.

The default model script on the printer shows 'raw' perhaps I need to turn off raw or add something to the model script.