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ps -e freezing

Occasional Contributor

ps -e freezing

Good day.

There is no problem with 'ps', but when i list all processes (ps -e) it's freezing.
There is usually aproximately 80 sessions. The output of 'top' doesnt show big percentage of CPU and memory Usage.
Recently we've put a firewall in front of the server. The problem appeared also before but now it is more offen. (When we tested ftp through the FW: the amount of transmissed data was the same as without FW)
On the console there is a message "tu0:transmit FIFO underflow:threshold raised to : 256 bytes"
Have you got any idea?
thanx for help.
Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: ps -e freezing


"ps -e" does not display anything that migth need to be resolved via a network access.
If you had a problem with "ps -ef" that displays usernames, I would understand network interference, because for non-local users it has to resolve the UID to username via an acces over NIS to the NIS-server passwd map.


Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: ps -e freezing

Hi Jaro,

are there any errors in messages, binary errorlog or syslog.dated?
Does the problem persist after a reboot?
Does the ps return at all or is it stuck seemingly infinitely?


Esteemed Contributor

Re: ps -e freezing

Take a look at the link below, that should provide you with sufficient information on handling the situation

Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: ps -e freezing

ps allocates memory to built the process list - maybe an issue.

Have you tried other parameters like ps waux instead of the sysv styles?
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