putty to connect hp-ux

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putty to connect hp-ux

Hi All,

We use putty to connect HP-UX servers.
When i copy from email or notepad to command prompt it replace "-" with ".". And also some symbols with other symbols.

1) Is there a way to make some change in settings in putty so that it copies and paste without changing anything ?

2) How to change settings in putty so that i can see previous entered commands on the screen few pages earlier ? Currently my settings does not retain more than 4-5 pages of the screens.

Andrew Rutter
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Re: putty to connect hp-ux


have you looked through the manual?


you may need to change your terminal settings in putty, pretty easy to change them.

as for the history? why not use the one built into hpux? try using esc k key sequence to recall last commnands

Bill Hassell
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Re: putty to connect hp-ux

1) You probably have a non-English keyboard. Read the PuTTY FAQs about character mappings. EVERY terminal emulator will have features like this. If the characters on the screen are not part of the standard ASCII character set, you'll need to be aware of the language issues with Notepad, Word, PuTTY and your printers.

2) Again, the PuTTY FAQs cover this. Virtually every terminal emulator starts with a very small scroll-back buffer. Unlike the HP-UX command recall, your terminal emulator can track the responses and output from various commands. The default value is 200, virtually useless for system administrators. Change it to 20000 (that's 20 thousand). Select:

Window -> Lines of Scrollback

And 80x24 character space is lousy for sysadmin work. I start all my windows at 100x40 or 132x48 (part of the same setting window).

While you're at it, the default colors are horrible. Gray letters on a black background. Select:

Windows -> Colours -> Default foreground:
...change to 255 255 255 (not 187)

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Steven E. Protter
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Re: putty to connect hp-ux

Shalom Manoj,

Every once in a a while with Putty, I trigger the Keyboard sequence that switches input to Hebrew.

Usually I do this right before needing a password, making it that much harder to figure out what is going on. I sometimes think my password got hacked, which would be some trick on the closed network my personal Linux machines are on.

Probably based on my experience what Bill Hassell is saying.

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Tor-Arne Nostdal
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Re: putty to connect hp-ux

This is not only a problem with Putty.
I've noticed that in newer releases of Microsoft Office, there is an automatic change of the regular - sign into another character, same way as it auto correct to uppercase letters after a . (dot)

This is really annoying when documenting commands for later copy+paste.

You could either turn off the auto-correction or you can force to use the keyboard minus (-) character, and then you're options will be correctly copied into your terminal window.

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Tor-Arne Nostdal
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Re: putty to connect hp-ux

For the history settings.
As Andrew pinpoints you can try to use Esc+k but this require that you have the environment variable EDITOR set to 'vi' - thus you can use the vi-commands to edit the command line.

Also you must have set the environment variable HISTFILE.

If you want this to become default for all users, edit the /etc/profile and add:
export EDITOR=vi
export HISTFILE=$HOME/.sh_history

Alternatively you add this to your own users .profile file.

That should do the trick.

To list previous commands you could use the command:
fc -l

I'm trying to become President of the state I'm in...
Bill Hassell
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Re: putty to connect hp-ux

...Microsoft Office...

NEVER use any word processor when working with PuTTY or any other text application (like the ITRC Forums). MS Word will insert lots of special characters related to word processing functions (like 'smart quotes').

Always copy/paste with Notepad. It should always be on your Desktop.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin