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pvra and vgra

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pvra and vgra

can u clearly explain abt VGRA and PVRA
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
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Re: pvra and vgra


1. The PVRA is unique for every PV in the VG. It contains:
- LVMREC describing the PV with e.g. PV-ID, VG-ID, PV number in VG, PE size; start and length of: VGRA, BDRA (if any), BBDIR, User Data and the Bad Block Pool; in case of a ServiceGuard Cluster the Cluster ID and information about the Cluster Lock Area.
- BBDIR (Bad Block Directory, maintaining the Bad Block Pool).
2. The BDRA (only created with pvcreate â B) contains boot relevant information, e.g.:
- Information about PVs in root VG
- Information about Boot/Swap/Root LVs (major/minor numbers, etc.)
3. The VGRA is identical for any PV of the VG. It contains:
- The VGDA describing the VG, with e.g.:
= VG-ID, configured max_lv, max_pv, max_pe.
= per LV information: LV flags, size, schedule strategy, number of mirrors, stripes, stripe size, etc.
= per PV information: PV-ID, PV size, PV flags, Extent mapping, etc.
- The VGSA containing information about missing PVs and stale extents.
= The MCRs for Mirror Write Cache handling.

Emil Velez
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Re: pvra and vgra

pvra uniquely identifies each lun and what volume group it belongs

VGRA contains the information about the volume group. What logical volumes are on this disk and what pieces of logical volumes are on the disk.
P Muralidhar Kini
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Re: pvra and vgra


VGRA -> Volume Group Reserved Area
PVRA -> Physical Volume Reserved Area

Check the following link for more details -

For indepth details about VGRA/PVRA, refer -
->Chapter 11: Page 292: Disk-Resident Data Structures

Hope this helps.

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Kapil Jha
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Re: pvra and vgra

in very simple terms.
The physical volume reserved area (PVRA) contains information describing the physical volume, such as its unique identifier, physical extent information, and pointers to other LVM structures on the disk.

The volume group reserved area (VGRA) describes the volume group to which the disk belongs. The information is replicated on all of the physical volumes and updated whenever a configuration change is made.

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Kranti Mahmud
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Re: pvra and vgra

Hi newunix,

Check the below link:

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