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reboot command on an rx2660 11.23

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reboot command on an rx2660 11.23

I took over a case today that involved a host that inetd was stopping on and syslog wasn't being updated as well as the rc.log file was updated the last time the host rebooted.

Found out that last Thursday someone issued the reboot command and once that happened the /etc/rc.log showed errors unmounting the file systems, obviously, and none of the system logs were being updated after the host rebooted.

I manually started syslogd, diagnostics and inetd and then issued a shutdown -ry 0.

The host came backup normally and all log files were being updated.

QUESTION: Is it the reboot command that doesn't work well with the 11.23 systems or is there something else?
Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: reboot command on an rx2660 11.23

Hi Michael,

Have a look at this document from the ITRC technical database.

Title: HP-UX: reboot(1M) versus shutdown(1M)
Document ID: emr_na-c00920995-4
Submitted Date: Sat Mar 31 12:36:15 GMT 2007
Last Modified Date: Mon Jun 30 17:02:17 GMT 2008

James R. Ferguson
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Re: reboot command on an rx2660 11.23

Hi Michael:

The manpages for 'shutdown(1M)' and 'reboot(1M)' offer you the insight into the what 'shutdown' does prior to calling 'reboot'. For normal maintenance, you should use 'shutdown'. A 'swinstall' session will invoke 'reboot' when one is necessary. These behaviors are long-standing ones and ther is nothing substantatively different in 11.23 than in prior releases.


Sajjad Sahir
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Re: reboot command on an rx2660 11.23

if u want to reboot the system command is shutdown -ry0
also shutdown -h will halt the system

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: reboot command on an rx2660 11.23


reboot is a lot closer to the power switch than shutdown.

If it does not work, you should look at the logs to see what is happening.

This is not an issue with 11.23, its an issue with the system you are working with. Some application shutdown script is not working well.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Court Campbell
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Re: reboot command on an rx2660 11.23

reboot is not graceful. When in doubt man.

man 1m reboot
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Re: reboot command on an rx2660 11.23

I'm sorry for my confusion as the question wasn't really meant for what is the difference between reboot and shutdown but more of is there a problem with the reboot command being used on 11.23 systems running on rx2660?

Come to find out that the audit system was full @ 100% and our developers had a script on the server that tries to write to the audit files. If it can't write to it for 2 hours it triggers a shutdown -ry 0 of the server. (Why is something I am looking into now)

The script gets to a certain level and doesn't complete the shutdown -r command and it starts dumping its log files into another monitoring file we have.

Its hard to explain the logic as I can't go into much detail due to security; however, the nitty gritty of the question was answered that it wasn't the reboot command that was issued last week that caused the problem it was a faulty script that has a bug in it while issuing the shutdown -ry 0 command.