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recieving evm notifications to an alternate address

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recieving evm notifications to an alternate address

Hello. Currently we recieve emial notifications to our email similar to the following:

============================ EVM Log event ===========================
EVM event name: sys.unix.fs.advfs.fdmn.full

This event is posted by the AdvFS file system to provide
notification that the specified AdvFS domain is full. No more
space is available for writing.


Formatted Message:
AdvFS: AdvFS domain fs_dom1 is full

Event Data Items:
Event Name : sys.unix.fs.advfs.fdmn.full
Cluster Event : True
Priority : 600
PID : 535231
PPID : 524290
Event Id : 11030357
Member Id : 1
Timestamp : 18-Dec-2005 18:27:31
Cluster IP address:
Host Name : xprod1
Cluster Name : xprod
Format : AdvFS: AdvFS domain $domain is full
Reference :

Variable Items:
domain (STRING) = "fs_dom1"


They come from root on the xprod cluster and I have no idea where that may be configured. If I wanted to send them to another email address or pager, where/how would I configure that? ANY help whatsoever is greatly appreciated. Even a link that can explain how to send evm events to another email. I am having an extremely hard time finding any documentation on how to do this!

Thanks in advance,

Michael Schulte zur Sur
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Re: recieving evm notifications to an alternate address


in the best practices you will find this: